How to form a club volleyball team

Join an Organization

Start at the end. What tournaments do you want to play? Most tournaments are sanctioned by an organization, so to participate, your club must be a member of that organization. The three main organizations are USA Volleyball, JVA, and AAU. Search online for your local area tournaments and see who sanctions it. USAV in the Houston area is the Lone Star Region. Their web site is a good resource: 

Get help

Once you join, ask other Clubs or the Organization leaders for help. They are a great resource. Track them down online and ask questions. They love volleyball, and adding new clubs to the organization is the goal, so do not be shy. You will make mistakes in the application process, and you will need to figure out coaching requirements and referee certificates. Jump in and slowly you will figure it out. 

form the team

You need a place to play, which will help you find players. Most established clubs hold tryouts and charge thousands of dollars to cover overhead. If just starting out, keep your overhead low until you see what works and you get established. Success in the form of player improvement will have players coming back and attract new players.


Get playing

Once registered and you have players eager to play, then start searching online for tournaments in your area. The Club season is January to June, and there are tournaments every weekend. The suggestion is start off with a tournament each month for a few months to see what work. you will need a certified referee who is usually your coach, and a player score keeper who is certified. The tournaments will tell you the requirements online. Have fun and good luck!


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